I donʼt know what to say about this other than I want you to see it. I watched this movie almost every day for a year straight when I was fourteen. On the surface, it’s about two California punk bands on tour in the summer of 1982. It is at times hilarious, intentionally and unintentionally, at times sad, angry, confused, intelligent, idiotic. It is only barely about music or the scene. It’s more like a portrait of what it is like to be a teenager in America, especially if you came of age in the time when this music was at its most vital. The one-on-one interviews with the band members and the people they meet along the way drive this movie with transparent heart and soul. Whether it’s a young Ian Mckaye explaining how punks can overcome society’s prejudice against them, or my favorite, Manon, describing how she gets by living on the streets of Montreal, these kids’ desire to live life on their own terms is an inspiration. Please watch Another State of Mind so you and I can understand each other better when we meet or at the very least have something to talk about.