Another Dimension

From the pages of the AUDIENCE MAGAZINE, the graphic design journal from the 1970ʼs which we previously introduced here at Letʼs we have an offering from mysterious photographer Stan Levy.

All of our efforts to dig up info on Mr. Levy have come up flat. He has a common name. The world wide web has pages on the jazz drummer, the lawyer, the real estate agent and many other Stan Levyʼs but the artist who took these photos is elusive.

Reduction can be as powerful tool to an artist as any form of expansion or illumination. One of the most important things an artist can do is to help us see a common object in a new way.

Mr. Levy has photographed mass produced packaging. He is depicting the same subjects as Andy Warhol most famously did but in a different state of existence. The brightly colored containers are flattened and faded, in the process of returning to a state of elemental being. Against the background of the streets that they are being crushed back into they take on new, beautiful geological patterns. They are future fossils which may some day describe their and our lives to as yet unborn curious minds.