“book” by Nemo Librizzi

“book” by Nemo Librizzi is a strange document. A physical object materialized from the digital realm. A compilation of artwork and diary-style Facebook posts, it is all the more disorienting for it’s familiarity. There is a slow drip effect at play where everything about it adds to the sensation that you are holding something you will never quite be able to place in context but still nags at your memory. Even the paper it is printed on, thick and waxy, re-enforces this inviting imbalance. It’s feels like a public memoir that has melted off a social media page into a private diary. Within the overall invocation are the individual stories and art which offer glimpses into the life of a man who has been shaped by an extraordinary set of circumstances. 

Mr. Librizzi is both one of the last of a dissapearing breed and a thoroughly modern man. He is a child of New York City at a perfect moment in time. He leapt through the window when the culture of the city was wide open. He was uniquely positioned to absorb valuable life lessons at the spot in the 1980’s where the museums met the streets. He has navigated the shifting waters at that meeting point and takes us through the surreal experience. There are few people that can take you from street level logic lessons on a fire escape in Washington Heights to sharing wisdom with a professor in a car in Silicon Valley in the same voice. 


“book” is a available now from equally intriguing independent press, Paradigm Publishing