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Baby, it’s not that we don’t love you, it’s just we love them a little bit more. You are New York now. You are all around us. We see all your glory but you also drag us through the shit with you every other day and it hurts. They are just the glamorous remains. The really great images that survived 40 years of editing and fading memories, the coolest of the cool. They are New York then. They don’t stress us out about bills, or disappoint us with bad ideas.
Here’s a little portal to the old lover whose transgressions we’ve forgiven, forgot or were never aware of. Paul Tschinkel’s Innertube was one of a handful of ultra hip public access shows on T.V. in New York in the 1970’s and 80’s. Lucky for us Mr. Tschinkel also has his own youtube channel full of art world gems from days gone by.


Check out Paul Tschinkel’s Youtube Channel!