Eliot Greenwald Studio Visit

Eliot’s studio is a very familiar place. The stacks of paper and collections of objects were immediately comforting and inviting. Some of the objects are just as they appear while others are facsimiles recreated and placed on the shelf next to the other VHS tapes and old volumes of National Geographic. I didn’t even notice that they were there until he told me, but maybe that was the idea all along.

I asked him to say something about his process and his collecting and this is what he had to say, “making art is a way of finding comfort in my environment but the accumulated work itself is becoming my furniture and walls. I collect materials and objects because there is comfort in them.  I think by gathering odd objects, scraps, ephemera, and assorted tools and materials the comfort is in the potential that they will one day become useful in unimagined ways. That potential for revelation is worth cluttering your life for. I know I have something already that just needs to be activated by the right circumstances.”

Eliot’s work was featured in the gallery section of Issue 03 of Let’s Panic. You can purchase a copy here.