Extreme Censure Recomended

Politics is not my thing. I see the collective human beast moving with a glacial attitude. It moves inexorably forward as the slowly changing rhythms of mass consciousness allows. I find preoccupation with the wheels of government to be a bit naive. Sometimes it is cute but mostly very silly. That is why the current situation in American politics is going up my ass so much. The sheer magnitude of the folly we are now in the grip of is forcing me to pay attention to it. I find myself reading sections of newspapers I prefer to ignore. I find myself getting vexed about things that I know I am not going to do anything about. (You may say to yourself it’s never too late to start trying but trust me the ship sailed on the possibility of me having a political career when I was still in the womb.) So I will just have to do what suits me and pour some laughter with a little anger on it. To that end I submit this video for my own benefit and your consideration.

Created by the geniuses behind the internet series Zhe Zhe, it is a satirical upbraid of the Speaker of the House’s extra special hypocrisy. Every thing these folks do is gold and this is no exception. Following some of my personal guidelines for artistic greatness they are always seriously unserious and reverently irreverent. It’s got exploding White Houses, a punk rock nun, anime and multiple St. Thomas Aquinas references what more can you ask for?