People loved Andy Warhol for many reasons but paramount among them was he understood a simple human truth; everybody’s favorite subject is themselves. He practiced an art of not being so much a listener as a blank slate, or better yet, if you’ll excuse the corny reference, a mirror. Through filmed interviews and the first hand accounts of his friends we see the way he constantly deflects on the subject of Andy Warhol, instead, through silence and simple evasive answers, leaves endless space for others to fill. In the void most people were left spilling out the contents of their own ego. It can be hilariously frustrating to watch but you can see the magical comforting effect it had on the people that were close to him. This short film by legendary British photographer David Bailey displays this unique trait in spades. Taking it all the way out there around the five minute mark, he has his friends answering the question that are directed at him while he moves his mouth in mechanical lip sync. Silkscreened soup cans aside, the guy is a people genius!