Let’s Panic caught up with artist/filmmaker Tom Jarmusch at the Spring Break Art Fair where his latest work, Flaneur, was on exhibit. To see all the work in the show click here Read the artist state below.




Flâneur, this work, this room, is a self-portrait of sorts with Cleveland, Ohio as the backdrop.


Flâneur, began deliberately and spontaneously in early October 2016 while in Cleveland where I was spending time hanging out and helping my elderly Mother.


Soon after arriving I decided time permitting I would seriously take photographs by day and night. Quickly I thought of it as a personal journey, looking inward, a meditation through dark and light and love.


I began shooting almost exclusively in neighborhoods where I had once hung out, where I had come of age, driving around, usually wasted on drugs, almost always shooting film and photos. Soon it was time to apply for Spring Break and Black Mirror fit perfectly with what I was doing. I asked Rachel Dengiz to work with me as curator (We already were working together toward a book of photos).


During shooting, I revisited these devastated neighborhoods that I had been to many times over the years. So many parts of the city literally murdered by so many powers that be, over many decades, through many administrations. So many lives destroyed and disposable. The accompanying lies in front of me daily.


These photos are so much a catalog of love for these people and neighborhoods and sometimes odd architecture uniquely Cleveland. These images mostly caught intensely over two months and then another month, but touching back to adolescence and further back to childhood, and to my recent life in New York. An incomplete inventory of what I saw and felt, bits and pieces of concrete and personal evidence. In a way I have been chasing my own and Cleveland’s ghosts, and at times it has become almost too much. This idea of a personal journey ran way deeper than I expected and was hardly comfortable.


Flâneur, this narrative on it’s walls, this odd environment to step into,

made for Black Mirror belongs equally or more to Rachel Dengiz.  So much of what you see is Rachel’s interpretation of my journey inward. All these images coming from so many more. Not so long ago Rachel had narrowed down our selects to her 450 favorites. Images I immediately dismissed I grew to love. Working with Rachel taught me to see differently and so much more.


Part of this journey included time spent with my mother, Betty Jarmusch, who sometimes came along for the shooting (“You’ve shot a lot. Let’s get coffee and a muffin”) as well as our friend Raquel Robinson, who works with my Mom and sometimes drove.


Bio: Tom Jarmusch is an artist and filmmaker and has shown work internationally since 1995. He made SOMETIMES CITY, 2011 a feature documentary portrait of Cleveland. It features residents seldom heard from, was filmed in 2008 and 2009. It premiered at Anthology Film Archives and Thessaloniki DocFest (Greece).


Contact: rachel@bunnylakefilms.com  Instagram:@thelittlechaos

jarmuschtom@gmail.com  Instagram:@tomjarmusch