You can take your ass to school, you can beg and you can cry, but there are just some things that money cannot buy.

Creativity is a strange thing. It comes to all of us differently. Sometimes it is like an electric shock in the shower. There are those that can slowly squeeze it from experience like toothpaste from a tube. For most of us its like a call from a handsome stranger you gave your number, you wait for it with the gnawing fear it may never come and that when it does you will screw it up somehow.

Then there are people like Mark Gonzales that have it like hot and cold water taps left to run on full blast. The guy is a walking talking art machine. There is just a magic to everything he does. People talk about skateboarding as an art form but he is really the only person that justifies that assertion. He is one of those people that always seem to be making something. They are just wired that way. It’s a gift both to those that posses it and to all of us that get to enjoy what they create.

Previously we featured a few examples of his ipad paintings, today we connect you directly to the tap with a link to his youtube page. It is constantly uploaded with great videos.


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