Put on your black lipstick and arm bands children, Kim Fowley, one of the last great weirdoes of the Rock n’ Roll era has passed away at the tender ager of 75.

Fowley was a born entertainer. His parents Shelby Payne and Douglas Fowley were character actors in the golden age of Hollywood. He attended University High School at the same time as a slew of future stars like Ryan O’Neil and Sandra Dee. He jumped into the music business as a teenager, cutting a unique swath through it for almost 60 years.
He is probably best know as the man behind 1970’s rock group the Runaways but he was also a writer and producer of cult classics and hit songs, including a 1960 #1 hit, “Alley Oop” by non existent group The Hollywood Argyles. Over the years he had his hand in a wide range of projects with varying levels of success working.
Due in part to his famously eccentric personality he always remained outside the margins of the mainstream, regardless of who he was working with. By all accounts he employed an unwavering belief in himself to manifest his all of creative ambitions.
There are just as many stories about him being a creep as there are of his talent. Whatever you think of the man, there is no denying he possessed the kind of iconoclastic spirit that is slowly disappearing from the arts and the world in general.


photo credit – Nikki Kreuzer