Greyson Thunder Fletcher

Photography by Greg Kadel
A Conversation With Mark Gonzales & Greyson Fletcher

Mark Gonzales: Did you like skating in those samurai outfits?

Greyson Fletcher: It was pretty rad, especially the chemical one.

Mark Gonzales: Was it uncomfortable? Was it hard for you to perform your maneuvers?

Greyson Fletcher: A little bit uncomfortable. It’s definitely not something you’d wear everyday. I just got funny looks at the skate park.

Mark Gonzales: What’s it like to be a Fletcher?

Greyson Fletcher: What’s it like to be a Gonzales?

Mark Gonzales: It’s very tough for me to be a Gonzales because I’m light-skinned. I know your grandpa and I know your father. Your father invented the ollie on the surfboard. How does that feel?

Greyson Fletcher: Yeah, it’s definitely cool, but I’ve just grown up with it. It’s my family. I love ’em and I’m stoked to have them as my family.

Mark Gonzales: What is your favorite street trick on flatland? Do you ever do no-complies?

Greyson Fletcher: Yeah, I like to do no-complies and nose manuals. Those are fun.

Mark Gonzales: Who do you skate with mostly?

Greyson Fletcher: I just skate with whoever’s at the park.

Mark Gonzales: Do you like Peter Hewitt? That dude is badass.

Greyson Fletcher: Yeah, he’s good at skating.

Mark Gonzales: That dude keeps his speed. He does hardcore tricks, and on the next wall, he’s got more speed than he had on the first wall.

Greyson Fletcher: Yeah, he and Tom Remillard are chief.

Mark Gonzales: Did you ever pull a 540?

Greyson Fletcher: I don’t think so.

Mark Gonzales: Your uncle Nathan is badass too.

Greyson Fletcher: Yeah. I’ve seen him pull 540’s everywhere.

Mark Gonzales: I’ll answer any question you want to ask me.

Greyson Fletcher: Have you been skating a lot lately?

Mark Gonzales: Yeah, but I’m not doing a lot of difficult tricks. I’m old now, I’m 44. But I still enjoy skating. I think people should be fit, like Jack LaLanne, until they die. They should keep in shape just like your grandpa Herbie Fletcher.

Greyson Fletcher: Yeah. Have you been skating the piers park lately at all?

Mark Gonzales: The piers park, no. I skated off Allen Street beneath the bridge just now, which was fun.

Greyson Fletcher: Oh sick. I just got done skating at the San Clemente skate park.

Mark Gonzales: Do you ever skate with Tony Hawk’s son? That would be a cool combo.

Greyson Fletcher: Not too long ago we went over there with a couple of Flip guys and skated in his park. He has a fun little bowl set up.

Mark Gonzales: I like that tattoo on your shoulder; it’s tight.

Greyson Fletcher: Oh, thank you. I got it in Japan.

Mark Gonzales: That’s cool. You probably don’t remember—you were in the stroller—but your mother and your father were at Zuma Beach and they had a couple of street obstacles that go out there.

Greyson Fletcher: That’s funny.

Mark Gonzales: It was raining and I fell and hit my head. It was cool though. It’s crazy, the last time I saw you was the last time I was in New York, when you were ripping the park. It was trippy. I couldn’t believe you were already big and skating.

Greyson Fletcher: Time goes by fast.

Mark Gonzales: Do you have any advice for youngsters or people who want to be a part of the scene?

Greyson Fletcher: Just go skating. Spend as much time possible skateboarding. Ditch school.

Mark Gonzales: You ever do any skimboarding?

Greyson Fletcher: Not really, I’ve done it a couple times; it’s fun.

Mark Gonzales: You ever do any water-skiing?

Greyson Fletcher: No, I go surfing.

Mark Gonzales: Oh, for lots of people in mid-America, lakes are all they got, so they have to go water-skiing. It sucks for them.

Greyson Fletcher: Yeah, surfing is pretty fun.

Mark Gonzales: Who’s your favorite skater of all time? Do you like Mike McGill?

Greyson Fletcher: John Cardiel, you, and Andy Roy. Andy’s part in the old Consolidated video was sick.

Mark Gonzales: Andy Roy would thrust into a disaster and come back so quick.

Greyson Fletcher: Yeah he’s crazy. Ronnie Sandoval is one of the better skaters too. He’s blowing up.

Mark Gonzales: What do you think about technology? Computers, videos, all this shit that’s bombarding us.

Greyson Fletcher: I think it’s ruining the world at the same time it’s helping it. It’s definitely ruining relationships for people, that’s for sure.

Mark Gonzales: You got any shout-outs to homies?

Greyson Fletcher: Everybody that hangs out I guess. They all know who they are.

Mark Gonzales: Well, thanks for talking to me man. It’s been a pleasure. I hope to skate with you sometime.

Greyson Fletcher: We will. And thank you.

Mark Gonzales: You gotta teach me how to surf. I cannot paddle out for shit.

Greyson Fletcher: Alright. I’ll try if you come to California.

Mark Gonzales: I tried to duck dive and I cut my foot with the fin.

Greyson Fletcher: Your board probably turned over. If you’re surfing in New York, it’s freezing!

Mark Gonzales: I was in California. I was going under a wave and the board flipped over and cut my foot. I had to go to the hospital; I got six stitches. I love surfing but I have the worst luck.

Greyson Fletcher: That sucks.

Mark Gonzales: Have you ever heard of Billy Ruff?

Greyson Fletcher: In New York?

Mark Gonzales: No, San Diego. He used to ride for G&S.

Greyson Fletcher: Oh no, I don’t think so.

Mark Gonzales: What about Chris Miller?

Greyson Fletcher: Yeah, I know who that is.

Mark Gonzales: His stuff is pretty rad too.

Greyson Fletcher: Yeah, I’ll say he’s the best vert skater. A lot of people do.

Mark Gonzales: He’s got the best style. I used to like Lester Kasai; he was rad. Alright, tell your father and your uncle hello. I wish I was a surfer; I’d love to go out with them.

Greyson Fletcher: Yeah I’ll tell them, I wish I was too sometimes.

Mark Gonzales: Oh you don’t surf much?

Greyson Fletcher: I surf, but not well, that’s for sure.

Mark Gonzales: But when Aaron Ward told me to interview you, I saw a picture of you doing a backside ollie on a surfboard.

Greyson Fletcher: Really?

Mark Gonzales: Was it you? Maybe it was your dad.

Greyson Fletcher: That’s weird; it’s probably not me. That’s weird.

Mark Gonzales: Anyways, nice talking with you. Have a good night. You’re in Newport Beach right now?

Greyson Fletcher: San Clemente.

Mark Gonzales: Say hi to John Falahee.

Greyson Fletcher: I will. Take care and thanks for doing the interview.

Mark Gonzales: Take care.