Peter Sutherland Studio Visit

I first met Peter 8 years ago at his exhibition in Los Angeles at Hope Gallery. I was working with Seems at the time and we were publishing a book for him entitled “Hot Coals Only” to coincide with his exhibition. Before that we worked on another book for him calledBlame It On The Dog“. This probably makes him the one living artist that I have been aware of for the longest periods of time. Now that I live in NYC I wanted to meet up with him again to see what he’s been up. His work is still mostly documentary and autobiographical and the subject matter is definitely still very Peter Sutherland™ but the way that he works is completely new and interesting. He has found a new way to incorporate his interests and take it to a new level.

Peter has continued to add to his listed of printed work with a new book coming out on Silent Sound later this year. You can see his previous boon on Silent Sound here.