Ralph Records

The Residents have been making uncompromising, grating, difficult music for the better part of 40 years.  They have never done an interview and its members remain completely anonymous to this day.

Unlike some experimental outfits, it’s done with discernible skill and intention.  Though much of their discography may be challenging, unlistenable or impossibly bad, something intriguing is going on.  Their spirit and reputation as fearless innovators cannot be denied; a cult favorite with real mystique that still thrives.

In 1972, Ralph Records was founded “for the sole purpose of releasing their own product.”  No one would touch them and it was clear that starting their own label would be the only way to get their music out there.  Years ahead of its time, Ralph was do-it-yourself in every aspect of production, promotion and distribution.

Persistently pushing the frontier of the weird, the Ralph aesthetic is an unusual one which may be of interest to anyone who’s got a thing for creepy, terrifying alienation.

Ralph Records: bringing you all the music you love to hate–and they don’t care.