Roxy Cinema Tribeca

A few questions for Illyse Singer the new director of the Roxy Cinema Tribeca

What is your primary hope for the theater?

I want the Roxy Cinema Tribeca to become a destination theatre for the art world that is so unique to New York. Cross Pollinating all facet’s of the scene from music to fashion, photography, painting etc. I want people to come to the cinema for events that inspire them to and see beautiful repertory films on 35mm in one of the most beautiful screening rooms in NYC. I want to foster a creative community in this space where magic is found and created.


Is the a particular film or guest that would make you most happy to present?

I think we’ve been really lucky with sourcing some great films, last December we were able to show Amadeus in 35mm with Elizabeth Berridge present for a Q&A. I would love to find a print of The Red Shoes and show it on 35mm. I think everyone needs to experience the magic of that film and the dreaminess of Technicolor. A dream guest for me would be Werner Herzog, I would love to show his films and be able to have an in depth conversation. Christopher Walken too!  I also would love to have Steve Nicks in there and have her present her favorite film and then have a long conversation with her about everything. I do keep a dream list and its currently at 100 + so being able to start checking people off it would be incredible! And we’ve already had a pretty great start. We had Abel Ferrara! Kevin Corrigan, Natasha Lyonne, and Mark Kozelek just to name a few.

Is there a specific moment when film became important in your life?

I’ve loved film always. I’ve always been so incredibly inspired by it and profoundly moved. It’s my favorite medium just because it mixes every single art form and can change a persons life upon a single viewing. Growing up in Miami, my view to the world was through cinema. I spent my childhood at the movie theatre and by 14 I was catching buses to the beach to see films that could not be seen anywhere else in Miami. The French New Wave really inspired me and made me want to live a different life. I knew I had to get to New York to study and immerse myself in film. I think watching Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Passion of Joan of Arc when I was in high school also completely changed my life. I was transfixed. This was the medium.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is being able to present films to people that they may have never seen on the big screen. Actually showing a younger generation the importance of seeing a film on 35mm or 16mm. There is a beautiful tangible quality that doesn’t necessarily translate from a digital projection. I think we’ve all become so accustomed to watching films on tiny computer screens and it really diminishes the quality and beauty of them. I want people to have a beautiful viewing experience in a magical room. There is something so special about actually watching a film on  a big screen with strangers surrounding you in the audience. I want to inspire people and make them fall in love with cinema the way I did. Also meeting the people that inspired me while I was growing up and getting to have conversations with them and allowing the audience to have an opportunity to ask questions and be inspired and setting up a future generation of artists is definitely the best part of my job!

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