The Boo Hoo Bible

Get ready for fun! If you are one of those cranky fools who thinks endemic self published insanity is a product of the digital age, The BOO HOO BIBLE is a blast from the past and much needed slap in the face. Subtitled The Neo-American Church Catechism, the Boo Hoo Bible is practical guide to life from the churchʼs founder, Art Kleps. A classic of psychedelic small press hilarity, its got everything from sci-fi creation myths to instructions for setting up and properly tithing your own branch of the the church. It reads like a dairy of a highly intelligent hippy with a god complex. It is full of great charts, lists and illustrations that support Mr. Kleps well developed if slightly naive take on human existence. I highly recommend getting a copy for your bunker, if the man hasnʼt burned them all yet.