Prepare yourself for DIY dystopian madness! The new season of Zhe Zhe, the best show you have never heard of, will kick off on May 15th on Youtube. Created by and starring Ruby McCollister, Leah Hennessey, Emily Allan and director E.J. O’Hara this absurdist satire takes on modern culture in brutal and hilarious fashion.

The Zhe Zhe of the title is a band consisting of three women around whom the series orbits.  Lead singer Mona Deliza (Ruby McCollister)  is a fame obsessed monster child with the personality of a high school thespian on Redbull at a sleepover party.  Jean D’Arc (Leah Hennessey) is the quintessential New York cool whose outward derision of the pursuit of the limelight barely conceals her inward belief that she is uniquely deserving of it. The show’s antagonist, Chewie Swindleburne (Emily Allan) is a blond celebutante who breaks from the group when a better opportunity presents itself then proceeds to plot against them with the hapless fury of a comic book villain.

Gloriously low budget, the production is hi art camp for the digital age. It’s a raucous collage of bad wigs and cheap effects that underscore their masterful mockery of the mad rush to brand oneself and call it creation.

For all its over the top aesthetics and pointed criticism, Zhe Zhe also has a lot of heart. Like all good satire, it makes you feel for the characters, no matter how foolish. The wounds they suffer may be self-inflicted but they are still wounds and even the villain has moments of vulnerability that anyone can empathize with.

Watch the whole first season here before season 2 begins on May 15th


There will be a special premiere party in New York City on May 17th at Howl Arts! click here for details.