Dear gentle and distinguished readers of Let’s Panic,

We are overjoyed to annouce that a fantastic prize is secreted inside five copies of our brand new issue.

Legendary artist Jim Goldberg has been gracious enough to offer a FREE PRINT of one of his photographs to five lucky winners!!!

Hidden in sealed copies of LP03 there are five glorious GOLDEN TICKETS!!!

In homage to Roald Dahl’s classic tale, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, the finders of these guilded certificates are invited to redeem them for a

wonderful prize.  Each winning ticket entitles the owner to a signed, numbered print from Mr. Jim Goldberg, the creator of such seminal photographic works as “Raised By Wolves” and “Rich and Poor”.

We are honored to have a rare interview with Mr. Goldberg and excerpts from his brand new autobiographical work “The Last Son” in this issue.

We are excited to celebrate his art and to thank you for your support with this colorful contest!


Email your winning Ticket # to info@letspanicmag.com